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Neil R. Marion Injury Law: A Virtual Personal Injury Law Firm Serving The New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts Areas

Attorney Marion has spent his career fighting for those injured by others’ negligence. He knows that people are often scared, embarrassed, angry, and certainly in pain, after someone else causes them injury in an accident. He also knows that while they are trying to recover from their injuries, many don’t know or physically can’t secure the legal benefits they are entitled to under the law. That’s why Neil will advise you of your legal rights and discuss the best plan going forward with your individual goals in mind.

Here at Neil R. Marion Injury Law, our philosophy is, first and foremost, to serve our clients needs within the confines of the law. We stand by this principle and will be there for you to answer all your questions and help with all your legal needs.

Firs t, anlt foremost, we believe in compassio11 for our clie11ts. That's wl1y Neil will advise you of your legal rights and discuss the best plru1 g·oing forward with your individual goals in mind. Neil Marion
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Neil R. Marion Injury Law - A Tradition of Excellence

Our History

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Why Choose Neil R. Marion Injury Law?

No Fee Unless You Win

You will never pay us a cent from your own pocket. We're only paid when you're paid and we do this by taking a percentage of whatever we can recover for you.

Multi Millions in Recoveries

Throughout his career Neil R. Marion, Esq., has recovered millions for his clients. He does this by building up cases through empathy and communication with clients and then fighting for what they are due.

Hundreds of Happy Clients

Hundreds of clients have left satisfied after using Neil R. Marion, Esq., as their attorney. Come see why now!

We Will Fight For You!

Call us now at 862-377-9079!

What Our Clients Say

“At pellentesque faucibus morbi morbi vel magna at eleifend mauris est nisl purus tellus magna volutpat elit quis nunc adipiscing mauris odio ornare nunc.”
Jammie White
“Est elit nulla risus a purus faucibus gravida tempus, magnis mauris tellus vitae bibendum faucibus id phasellus rutrum vel non quis pellentesque sem.”
Michael Johnson
“Elit id pretium, nec sit pretium massa nibh ut cursus auctor ac sociis proin justo, et commodo at maecenas magna.”
Julie Kyle
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